Iberian Strings 2017
Técnico, Lisbon, January 16-19


The format of the meeting will consist of 8 one-hour review lectures as well as a considerable number of shorter (30 minute) talks by participants (please submit a title and a short abstract till November 30 if interested in applying for a short talk). Venue: amphitheatre of Complexo Interdisciplinar

The review lectures will cover the following topics:

  • Resurgence in field theory and string theory (by Inês Aniceto)
  • Chaos and complexity in black holes (by José Barbon)
  • AdS holography and black holes (by Daniel Grumiller)
  • Double copy structures in gravity (by Ricardo Monteiro)
  • Applied string theory: strange metals with black holes (by Koenraad Schalm)
  • Black hole collapse in CFT (by Julian Sonner)
  • Conformal bootstrap (by Alessandro Vichi)
  • Supersymmetric localization (by Alberto Zaffaroni)


Social Programme

Port wine and cheese with a magician.

Conference dinner. Chilling out at Fábrica Braço de Prata.

Ginjinha farewell.

Move the mouse over the schedule to see start and end times.

Coffee break
Lunch break
PDFJulian Sonner, Geneva
Black hole collapse in CFT
Coffee break
PDFEduardo Garcia Valdecasas, Madrid
Stringy instantons, deformed geometry and axions
Port and Cheese with a Magician
PDFDaniel Grumiller, Vienna
AdS holography and black holes
PDFRoberto Emparan, Barcelona
Black holes in the $1/D$ expansion
Coffee break
PDFAdolfo Guarino, Brussels
Double Field Theory at $SL(2)$ angles
Lunch break
Coffee break
PDFPedro F Ramírez, Madrid
Non-Abelian microstates geometries
Coffee break
PDFMadalena Lemos, Hamburg
Bootstrapping $N=2$ SCFTs
PDFMarián Lledo, Valencia
Superfields and superschemes
PDFJohn Huerta, Lisbon
M-theory from the superpoint
Conference dinner
Coffee break
PDFDavid Rodríguez, Oviedo
Breaking the sound barrier in AdS/CFT
PDFJavier Tarrio, Brussels
Holography with a Landau pole
Lunch break
PDFJavier Martín García, Madrid
Holographic Complexity
PDFBenedikt Richter, Lisbon
Classical Holographic Codes
Coffee break
PDFOlivera Miskovic, Valparaiso
Conformal mass in Lovelock AdS gravity
Ginjinha farewell
Mon, 16 Jan 2017
Tue, 17 Jan 2017
Wed, 18 Jan 2017
Thu, 19 Jan 2017